I-Shape Revolutionary Fitness Technology

At Fit in Time by Muscle Magic we use cutting-edge and unique devices that use EMS technology to burn fat and tone lower parts of the body. This innovative technology functions with a unique Electro Stimulation technology to perform unique treatments on specific parts of the body. I-Shape can be applied at the abdomen, buttocks, legs, arms and pelvic floor to tone them. It helps to get effective results in a minimum time span as it requires only 20 minutes commitment every week.


I-Motion Latest Wireless Technology

Fit in time by Muscle Magic brings I-Motion technology in Dubai equipped with Electrostimulation and Electromagnetism to take your fitness game to the next level. I-motion is developed for a revolutionary and totally different workout that activates muscles by electrical signals.

This Electrostimulation technology offers a comfortable and pleasant sensation to make your workout deep and intensive than everbefore.


The Smartest Way to Get Fit!

Accomplish more, feel better and get fit in no time!!! An innovative and revolutionary device with sequential pulses to train your body to be great and fit. I-Motion is a wireless technology with built in rubber-carbons electrons that offers hassle free fitness training.

The other major advantage of this technology is that it has an E-kcal planted system to track your performance during your workouts. This system helps you to measure the number of calories after every session.


Achieve all of your Fitness Goals in Just 20 Minutes

Looking for a fitness regime in Dubai that is fast and gets you quick results? Fit in Time by Muscle Magic has got you covered!!! We offer I-motion state of the art German technology that will help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals.

Just a 20 minutes session will bring guaranteed effective results in the shortest time period. Meanwhile in terms of effectiveness this technology has numerous competitive advantages and sets itself apart for traditional workout disciplines.


Train With Our Certified Trainers In Dubai

Fit in time by Muscle Magic has Certified personal trainers who have helped people to achieve their fitness goals by deploying I-motion technology. Our personal trainers combine modern technology to track multiple parameters of their clients’ sessions to resume them quickly and automatically in the next session. Including our founder Naila Kamran who has years of EMS training experience and has helped hundreds of clients to achieve their fitness objectives in Dubai. Our trainers work on your goal setting and provide you with a perfect diet plan that eventually assists you achieve the body of your dreams.

Fit In Time by Muscle Magic are the Pioneers of EMS Training in Dubai. Contact us to know further about the EMS Fitness Programme.