What exactly is EMS?

EMS stands for Electro – Myo (muscle) – Stimulation. The muscles get an external electronic impulse and by this, they get stimulated and flexed in a very intense way.

What are the biggest advantages of EMS compared to conventional fitness training?

  • Visible and impressive results in the shortest time.
  • Full body workout in just 20 minutes.
  • Weight loss, tighten connective tissue.
  • Significant increase in performance.

Can I lose weight with EMS?

Yes. By EMS all the major muscle groups are stimulated to grow and the metabolism gets activated. More lean muscles burn more calories and an activated metabolism burns more fat. So the logical consequence of EMS training is a fat and weight reduction. First results are seen after a few workouts already. In combination with a balanced diet EMS is the perfect training method for a fast and healthy way to lose body circumference.

Can I build muscles with EMS?

Yes. However, there is a difference between women and men. Women can sustainably and effectively improve their problem areas. They achieve a natural, attractive and sexy body shape. But women are limited by their hormone levels in muscle growth in general. With EMS training, no woman can build unintentionally excessive muscles. The male physique allows faster to build muscles. With EMS even the deep muscle fibers, which can normally not be engaged with conventional strength training are activated. Therefore a quantitative and qualitative improvement of the structure of all muscle groups can be achieved.

Can I improve my performance level and condition in general with EMS?

During a full body workout with EMS 90% of the muscle fibers are stimulated simultaneously. In order to achieve this with conventional strength training an enormous amount of time is usually necessary and the effect can not be achieved in a single session. In addition, EMS is particularly targeted at the deeper muscle fibers that are difficult to train with conventional methods, but which are important for the increase in strength. Therefore EMS the intra- as well as the inter-muscular coordination.
Especially for strength/endurance sports (such as football), EMS leads to a measurable and tangible increase in individual performance.

Can I adjust muscular imbalances by EMS training?

With Muscle Magic we set a high value on having not only the look but also your health in mind. Through intensive observation we notice imbalances in the body and with targeted and customized exercises and different intensities and resistances we can adjust any imbalances.

What does “Body Shaping” mean in conjunction with EMS?

The term “body shaping” or “body toning” means the combination of weight loss and muscle building. With the help of these two components you can bring your body in almost any shape. And by this you can fight the so-called “problem areas”.
EMS is the perfect method for efficient and controlled muscle build-up. In combination with a extensive consultation of our Muscle Magic Personal Trainers and a healthy diet, you are only a few steps away from your dream body.

Why is EMS so effective when it comes to back pain?

The full body EMS training fights the widespread disease “back pain” in a very effective way. EMS activates especially the deep muscles that are difficult to engage by conventional training methods. By strengthening the back muscles and joint structures, the spinal disks are relieved and the entire back and trunk muscles get strengthened. Thus, tension and muscle imbalances are examined. After a few EMS-Sessions you will notice an improvement and especially you will feel significant relief in everyday life.

Remission after pregnancy with EMS?

Yes! After a pregnancy the connective tissue is often overstretched. EMS can quickly and effectively train the pelvic floor muscles and find a remedy in case of any incontinence.

Should I do EMS training in the long term?

Yes. For a healthy and sportive lifestyle you should integrate the sport in your life in the long term. Regarding this EMS is the same as conventional training. To ensure the full performance of your muscle is only possible with regular practice. If you substitute the training over a longer period of time, the muscle develops back to its original state. As with conventional strength training also.

Why should I train at Muscle Magic?

Muscle Magic offers you the perfect way to reach your individual fitness goals quickly, permanently and effectively. We offer extensive consultation regarding training, nutrition, health and lifestyle. Our licensed Personal Trainer are looking forward to create a training plan that is individualized to you and your needs.

Who is advised NOT to do EMS training?

If you suffer from any of the following symptoms, you should better not do EMS training. Nevertheless you should ask your doctor, because even with some of the medical conditions listed here, EMS might be helpful to support the healing process if it’s applied professionally.

  • Epilepsy
  • Pacemaker
  • Pregnancy
  • Severe circulatory disorders
  • Abdominal or inguinal
  • tuberculosis
  • tumor diseases
  • atherosclerosis at an advanced stage, arterial circulation disorders
  • Severe neurological diseases
  • diabetes mellitus
  • diseases with fever, acute bacterial or viral processes
  • bleeding, severe bleeding disorders (hemophilia)

Are there any side effects known about EMS?

No. Official scientific and medical studies show, there are no side effects. On the contrary, there are many positive side effects.

Is training with an electronic impulse safe?

Yes, the method of electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) has been successfully and safely used for decades by doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors.

EMS helps against cellulite?

Yes. By building muscle and burning fat the connective tissue is tightened and the cellulite gets visibly reduced.